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Looking for some Healing?

I have been successfully assisting people all over the world for over 8 years in person and online with Healing, Activations and Alleviating Ascension Symptoms.
Are you suffering from any of these symptoms and you can't explain why?
Body pain.
Eye strain
Ringing in the ears
Unable to sleep at night or sleeping more than normal.

All of these can be symptoms that you have been experiencing with all of the energetic shifting going on. I can assist you to alleviate these symptoms. Many of my clients require between 1 to 3 healing sessions. We can easily do these sessions from the comfort of your home via a video conference.

My sessions also assist with breaking open Heart Walls and connecting deeper with your heart. Why is this important? Because when we do this work we begin to experience our desires....we move the stuck energy. We free up space. Without doing this work the new desires have no place to show up.
Here are a few testimonials to help you decide if I am the right fit for you to work with.

"I have worked with Leona on a number of ventures and she is one of the most dynamic, authentic and amazingly creative people I know. She is a powerful visionary and is able to cut through the blockages and make things happen. Leona is a naturally intuitive coach and her presence digs to the very depth of your potential. If you're looking to fulfill your destiny, 'take a seat' - your teacher has arrived!"

Brenda J. - Edmonton, AB

My experience this weekend has been delicious. I met incredible people and I have been freed from some non serving shackles. I've learned that I do control the outcome of my life. I have grown closer to my love and my love for her and my reception of her love is so much greater! I can see my path and it is the one less traveled by. I am totally awake now. We are amazing and I have an everlasting bond with the people I have gone through this with. I love deeper, feel truer and I am expected to go back home and be who I AM. I AM source. A light for ALL.

Andy - Alberta, Canada -

My experience has been extremely uplifting and inspiring. I have let a lot of stuff go and opened myself to new opportunities for growth and expansion. I have learned to step into my own power and will never let anyone take it away from me. I have learned to not worry what anyone thinks of me and to allow myself to be happy because I choose it. I have learned that love is unconditional and that I can trust the masculine, and trust myself to let the unconditional love be a part of me as a part of him. Life is a gift that I don't intend to waste on being negative and bitter and angry!

Karen - Alberta, Canada

Price List:
1 Hour Sessions 111 euro
2 Hour Sessions 144 euro
5 Hour Sessions 333 euro
*All sessions occur within one setting and cannot be carried over. All sessions will be done online and in special circumstance, can be done in person.
Learn more at Awaken The Beauty dot com
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