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Partnering with us for a great success!

P&J System is looking for professional business partners in each region of the world for the global business expansion.
South Korea, being the country that holds the worlds' best level of IT infrastructure, has been seriously challenged
by critical security threats affecting its corporate business.
Despite such security crises, South Korea's security solution companies develop and provide the best security products
that secure enterprises and contribute to the value creation of customers' businesses.
They have been introduced to a variety of customers in the business environment and their excellence and reliability
have been proven. P&J System is making various attempts in order to introduce such competitive domestic solutions abroad
and make them available outside of Korea.
As a part of this process, P&J, thanks to the partnership with enterprises that are expanding their professional IT solutions
business in each region of the world, wishes to promote business and solutions that fit local markets.

To begin with, we introduce

SecureGuard AM
complete access control and audit log management solution for a company's critical IT infrastructure,
server and network environments.
SecureGuard PM
due to its automated password management for complex IT infrastructure it ensures compliance and
prevents security incidents

SecureGuard AM and PM have a high market share and competitive advantage. They protect businesses of the biggest
enterprises and are considered as the best solutions.

P&J System, with its aggressive and flexible sales policy, is looking for business partners that can open up for us
each region of the world.
We are waiting for many foreign professional businesses that plan to grow thanks to competitive security solutions.

Thank you.
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