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French language

* Course description:

My aim is to allow the student to be able to evolve, using french in daily life, and not only to have the theoretical knowledge without being able to use it. I also want to give very clear and synthetic lessons about grammar and conjugation topics, and to practice it with exercices.

Mon but est de permettre à l'étudiant de pouvoir évoluer, pas seulement en ayant une connaissance théorique de la langue, mais également en étant capable de la pratiquer au quotidien. Je veux également apporter des connaissances claires et synthétiques sur des points de grammaire et de conjugaison.

* Teaching approach:

My approach is to really value the practice of the language, and therefore I'll be talking almost exclusively in french with the student, giving tips in english only when it is too difficult for him to understand. I value organised and clear information about theory, and I want to offer the possibility of really speaking and doing also a lot of exercices.

* Places where you can take this course:

- Coffee shop: Café Tati

Rua Ribeira Nova, 36, Lisboa

- Public place: Quiosque Praça das Flores

Praça das Flores, 1, Lisboa

- Coffee shop: Oh! Nesta Mente

Rua dos Anjos, 5B, Lisboa

- A public place you suggest


- By Skype

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