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3BR / 2Ba Disponível JUN 9

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Lovely three bedroom house, with a magnificent view of the countryside in the quiet village of Ribeira de Crastos-Vidais-Caldas da Rainha.
The desired price already reflects the need of small repairs on the outside being a great deal for those who enjoy country life ...
Walking distance to public transportation and close to coffee shops, petrol, pharmacy and mini-market, just about 10 minutes from the city of Caldas da Rainha and less than half an hour to the most beautiful beaches of the West - Eurifornia's best , TOP Silver Coast beaches...
Constantly being recognized as the California of Europe, Portugal is a safe and friendly country with so much to offer and most consider it the new land of opportunity...
Eurifornia's best is right here in the heart of the Silver Coast and I'm your local real estate expert.
Welcome to Portugal!

Vitor Canas, CRS
Silver Coast Real Estate Broker
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